Not Your Ordinary Team Building Session!

We pride ourselves on not only our unique rooms but how truly realistic they are! We integrate puzzles, physical challenges, and other surprises you won't see at other escape rooms! You and your group will be challenged through all of your senses!


Team Building That Your Team Will Actually Enjoy!

Saginaw Escape would like to inform you that we now offer Team Building & Corporate Events.

We pride ourselves on not only our unique rooms but how truly realistic they are! We integrate puzzles, physical challenges, and other surprises you won't see at other escape rooms! You and your group will be challenged through all of your senses!

This is not your ordinary team building session! Let's face it, most of our employees do not want to attend another seminar about team building. Saginaw Escape can easily solve that problem for you! Our rooms create a new corporate team building event experience that is fun, interactive, and engaging. Yes, team building can actually be fun!

Our corporate bookings can be scheduled during any day of the week. We will create a special time slot for your group or event. Just fill out the form at SaginawEscape.net on our “Team Building” page and let us know what time works best for you or call us at (989) 771-6900 to learn more. We have special rates for multiple bookings.

Our rooms will get everyone working together and having fun while interacting with each other to solve the clues and escape the room. We offer a corporate room for you and your employees to enjoy either before, during, or after your adventures. Our challenging rooms foster problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork with the excitement of competition in a highly engaging and fun-filled activity, sure to appeal to everyone and all fitness levels.

Placing employees in an immersive, ultra-realistic environment where they must rely on each other to succeed, will result in a cohesive team that works together more effectively. There’s no better way to get coworkers to get to know each other and interact outside of the workplace than within our escape rooms monitored and driven by our highly trained Game masters!

Your team needs this!!

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    Saginaw Escape is Your Corporate Answer for Year Round Team Building

    Why Team Building? Team building activities work to improve your employees’ skills on workplace projects that involve teamwork because it helps the employees understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. In addition, your employees will get to have fun with one another in a unique, challenging environment outside of your organization. This exciting and thought-provoking collaboration among peers fosters a network of trust amongst your employees resulting in efficiency gains across your entire organization.

    Do your employees hate team building activities? We guarantee they won’t hate ours. In fact, based on our other client’s feedback, we bet they will be begging to come back for even more experiences once they have visited. We offer GellyBall and Axe Throwing as well as Escape Rooms

    Most Organization’s Team Building Issues today – Let’s face it, scheduling effective team building can be hard! Most organizations fall into one or two categories when it comes to team building activities. The first approach is that team building is left to individual department heads within your organization to plan the events for their departments (A proven poor approach by the way). This causes stress and confusion on your managers as they are responsible for the scheduling, planning, and ultimately selecting effective team building events, and that is in addition to their normal business as usual duties. Another often overlooked negative to this approach is the possibility of creating jealousy amongst groups that are left out of team building opportunities due to the fact they have a manager who does not or cannot schedule any team building at all, most likely through no fault of their own. The result of this is these groups feel despondent and envious of their fellow co-workers. Hey, they want to have fun as well! This ultimately can affect team morale, as well as job satisfaction.

    The second scenario is just as flawed. It involves poorly planned corporate events that are mandated, and use team building activities that are usually the same stale event year after year. These activities tend to be viewed more as drudgery by your employees rather than something exciting, entertaining, and worthwhile. So again, the end result here is totally missing out on the end goal of what the team building experience should supply. Our goal in team building is to engage, teach, have fun, and provide your business with employees that are even better team players than they were before participating.

    Team Building a New Way with a Year-Round Approach – We at Saginaw Escape want to be your Team Building provider for the entire year! It is a brand-new approach! Relieving you of all the stress, planning and worrying about your team building needs for the calendar year. All the while providing your employees some of the very best team building experiences possible in the state! We can schedule events for your organization on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the number of employees you have and your time frame for training them all. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction knowing your employees are receiving a challenging, rewarding and engaging experience. One that will greatly enhance your organization’s culture in countless ways.

    Get Your Time Locked in – One of the very best features of letting Saginaw Escape provide all your team building for the entire year is the perk of picking the dates and times you want to visit and locking those in! No other business will be able to book in your time slots. And if you choose the all-day or half-day option the facility is yours for the entire time once a week or once a month! This also adds in flexibility for your employees so that they can plan their team building visit months in advance so that they will be able to have maximum attendance for their group’s event. This is very popular with hospitals and other businesses with multiple shift workers.

    It Doesn’t Matter the Size of Your Business - We at Saginaw Escape know the corporate culture and want to provide your organization a year-round solution for all your employees. We have yearly team building plans that we manage. You set the group size and frequency and we do the rest. Our plans can be for groups sizes from as small as 10 people per month to 60 people or more per week at our facility. We can create a custom schedule for your needs!

    Some of our larger customers in the area have weekly 30 slot times frames set aside for their employees to attend, so by the end of the year every single one of their employees have had the chance to attend at least one team building event. So, it doesn’t matter if you have thousands of employees or under 100 we can tailor a plan that will meet your needs and budget.

    Fun and Learning Guaranteed - Our escape rooms offer numerous themes and challenges for your employees. So even if your employees have been to our facility before, no worries, they have the option of trying another of our amazingly themed, detailed, and challenging rooms. So, no repeats and no two rooms are alike!

    In our Briefing/Debriefing area, we offer a large open area with seating, with games, televisions, and tables for food if you would like to bring yours in or we can arrange food for your group as well. In addition, we also have team building debriefs led by specially trained members of our staff for your groups if you select the entire day option or at an extra charge. These highly trained team building experts go over the experience giving their trained observations of the groups and facilitate active team building discussions. Along with tips and suggestions for fostering that same team work back at your business.

    About our Rooms and The Experience Itself – All our rooms are designed from the ground up by our escape rooms experts. Amazingly themed and professionally designed they are unlike any you will find in the area. And because the puzzles are so varied within the rooms, they tend to engage the entire group. For instance, some people are better at seeking and finding things due to their curious nature. While others love looking at things analytically and tend to love logic puzzles. Yet others are better at pulling together all the information and seeing the larger picture or task at hand and are helpful guiding the group to the finish line.

    That is why our rooms are built the way they are. They appeal to various types of individuals within any given room due to the different types of puzzles and challenges within those rooms. But the biggest thing your group will begin to realize by the time they finish is while they all do have certain strengths that help them perform better than others, possibly with certain puzzles. They simply cannot solve all the puzzles by themselves and they learn that they only can succeed when working together as a team. And as a team they go beyond what they thought they could by utilizing everyone’s own unique strengths to solve the challenge before them.

    Sound Amazing? Want to learn more? Saginaw Escape is conveniently located in downtown Saginaw just a couple blocks from the Dow Event Center. Our facility has over 9,000 square feet dedicated to providing highly detailed, original, challenging, and above all amazing team building experiences for your entire organization. Call us today at 989-341-3354 to schedule some time to talk to one of our team building experts, we will even come visit you at your organization, sit down and explain everything to you! Or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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